About Phil Howman

A creative and practical approach to design, with a hands-on approach to delivery.

You want your finance change to go smoothly. You want to work with someone who knows what they’re doing and, ideally, can see it through from strategy to implementation.

I’ve got enough runs on the board to offer this – and more. I’ve worked with organisations from many different sectors (including retail, public, education, health and manufacturing), across all levels. I’ve seen finance change from every perspective to know what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll help you with your finance transformation and improvement, including:

  • Shared services–from design through to start-up and beyond.
  • Operating model changes – from making improvements to building new finance functions.
  • Finance system implementation – bridging the gap between IT and Finance.

I’m a designer: I get involved with how the ‘moving parts’ of a finance function come together – people, process and technology – and make sure what’s being contemplated can be implemented.

I’m a project manager: I work with you to develop the best approach for getting the change implemented and then oversee every stage of the project to ensure success.

As for my working style, I like to see things through and I’m happy to ‘roll up sleeves’ to get the job done.

For background on my qualifications and experience, visit my LinkedIn profile. You’ll also find useful content there, if you want to dive deeper into finance change.

And why ‘Allevo’? Allevo is Latin for ‘to raise or lift up’ and my aim is to elevate your finance transformation and improvement.

Discover how my services can improve your finance operations.

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